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Millions of families in Ghana go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat. 


The mission of Save the Poor International, is to uplift, give hope and empowerment to the poor, vulnerable and less privileged individuals and families.

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a message from the executive director

Dear Friends,

Save the Poor International (SPI), a non-governmental organization and non-profit entity, exists to uplift the hopes and aspirations of the poor, needy, vulnerable and the underprivileged individuals, families and communities who feel deprived of the basic and social needs to make life a better place to live.

To achieve these objectives SPI will join hand-in-hand with individuals and entities such as private and governmental institutions, to bring such light, hope and joy into the lives of these persons/groups, regardless of color, religious affiliations, ethnicity or nationality, to work together to achieve common goals and results.

Working with Save the Poor International will afford you the opportunity to meet people who value integrity, appreciate the effectiveness of programs, and have respect for efficient ways of operating an organization. We would like to equate the programs of Save the Poor International to quality tools in the hands of a compassionate physician who seeks to bring hope where it is most needed. Perhaps you are that "compassionate physician". If so, you can support the projects of Save the Poor International in a very meaningful way.


Samuel Annoh Yeboah
(Executive Director)


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